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* I can work with a variety of health problems and all age groups.
* The commonest initial presenting symptoms I see in my practice include muscle and joint pain, restricted movement range, sports injuries, strains and sprains.
* My care can also help to improve posture and sports performance.
* Optional cost effective chiropractic maintenance care is available to existing clients.
* Chiropractic techniques taught around the globe today are very diverse in nature.
* All UK General Chiropractic Council (GCC) registered chiropractors attend 30 hours every year of  additional training including in first aid skills.
* My two manual skills are low force in nature because they are based on a combination of accuracy, dexterity and speed.
* If you want to attend for a free, complementary, no obligation spinal check, please click on the information page for more details.

Please note that if you have sustained an injury involving major impact trauma of any kind it is essential for you to visit your GP or hospital A and E department before booking for chiropractic care. I do not have the necessary skills to treat fractures. My work can help promote recovery from fractures. Please email and discuss this before booking.

* I ask all new chiropractic clients to attend for two initial visits.
* These visits are usually 1-2 weeks apart.
* The first visit involves taking a very detailed health history, so is therefore much longer in duration.
* I do not work to a set "contract", simply because no two individuals will respond in exactly the same way.
* A "reasonable expectation" for the majority of new clients is 2-4 visits in total. 
* New client chiropractic appointments do not include cold laser care.

Factors that affect the initial response are most commonly:
 * Age group
 * Cause of the symptoms
 * Duration of the symptoms
 * General health status

* If more than two visits are required, this is provided as appropriate to the individual case and the initial response.
* I generally mix my 2 manual skills McTimoney Chiropractic with Emmett Muscle Management, as I find this gives the fastest and most effective possible outcome.
* Cold laser care can be included in all follow up visits.

* I prefer that the time interval between visits are as long as possible after the second visit.
* I allow plenty of time for any questions that may arise during all care sessions.
* I can work through most clothing except for shoes, belts and tight items

Current chiropractic care fees:
Adult/child new client
£60.00/£45.00 (45-60 mins)
Adult/child follow up
£45.00/£35.00 (20-30 mins)
NEW Longer f
ollow up chiropractic care appointments with cold laser care
Adult/child £60.00/£45.00 (45 minutes)

Wellness care fees see separate page

I can accept cash, cheques, BACS and cards.
All cards are acceptable except for Samsung Pay.

Please note also that I do normally have to charge a full fee
for non attendance or a very late cancellation.

A missed appointment could have been available to another client.

There is no charge if your appointment can be reallocated.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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