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This is a specialised, non muscular massage technique. I understand that there are several styles of lymph drainage available. My own training formed part of the Emmett Muscle Management training course. I enjoy offering it as a separate service from my chiropractic care.  


* Lymphatic tissue and fluid are found throughout the body, forming part of our circulatory system.

* Our lymphatic system is unlikely to have a single, specific purpose in the body. 

* It may be involved in immunity, which is multi factorial in its own right.

* Unlike the heart which is designed to circulate the blood, the lymphatic system does not have its own specific pump to circulate the fluid.

* The Emmett lymph drainage technique is based on accuracy and is low force.

* It is relaxing to receive.

* It has a wide variety of applications via improvement of the lymphatic fluid flow.

* Examples are sluggish circulation, blocked sinus, general fluid retention and soft tissue swelling.

* The whole body is addressed, with particular attention being paid to any specific areas, according to the client's history and purpose.

* The cost and timing are the same as for a follow up chiropractic care visit.

* I can treat children with parental consent. Please discuss your child's needs initially.

* The initial health history is shorter than that required for chiropractic care. 

* The number of visits is variable. It very much depends on the cause and duration of any symptoms.

* It can easily be enjoyed as a one off visit for general relaxation. 

Important points to note:

This is not a medical treatment. I understand that a small number of GP practices are able to offer it  "in house" to their own patients.  

As with my chiropractic care, I do occasionally refer a client to their GP for a medical diagnosis.


Please ask if you have any questions.

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