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I also provide "wellness care" chiropractic which has proved to be popular with clients after their initial course. These are short, cost effective, symptom free appointments. Existing clients can chose to attend for this option at a time interval suited to their history, lifestyle and personal preferences. The commonest time intervals in practice are at 3, 4 and 6 month intervals. This type of care can help to reduce the routine wear and tear in the body that results from daily activities.

The current cost of wellness care for McTimoney chiropractic is £30.00 for adults and £27.00 for children.
All these appointments are 10-15 minutes duration. I provide this service for existing clients only.

NEW SERVICE. The cost of wellness care with
 cold laser is £45.00 for both adults and children.
These appointments are all 30 minutes in duration. This service is also for existing clients only.


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