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 I trained to provide Erchonia cold laser therapy in 2020.

Erchonia cold laser technology
A 30 minute USA podcast:
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Erchonia is a high quality, American research based company that was founded in the mid 1990's. Their devices now hold 20 out of the 23 available American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearances. this represents a very high world standard.

Erchonia devices are suitable for working with a wide variety of health problems. However, they are not a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment that is provided by a medical doctor.

There are over 10,000 published research papers about the application of this versatile work in many good quality scientific journals. The research is of a high standard. being placebo controlled, random, multi site and independent.

Some of the many ongoing research study topics involve the effects of cold laser care on dementia, Parkinson's and autism patients. These are very long term, high quality studies, and are not yet ready for publication.

Erchonia's entry into the UK market is comparatively recent. There are currently 67 Erchonia units in daily use in the UK as of December 2022. This compares with the 15,000+ units in the USA.

Erchonia devices are are being used by many different health care therapists and specialists.


*The fixed wavelength of Erchonia's red diode is 635nm. This specific wavelength has been shown to initiate intercellular effects that have now been broadly termed "photochemical" in nature.
*In brief, this technology improves cellular function, both at the site of application and also generally. 
*It is already known that every cell of the body (either directly or indirectly) is connected to and communicating with many other cells, mostly through neurotransmitters and hormone release.
*The fixed wavelength of Erchonia's violet diode is 405nm which is well established as having antimicrobial effects.
* The term "cold" is used due to the fact that the device is rated at 7.5mW so it cannot generate heat in the body.
* It can be safely used on brain tissue.
* I regularly use my device to improve the functioning of the vagus nerve, a very important cranial nerve.
* The red and violet light have been shown to work synergistically when combined.

If you would like to read some of the published research please ask.

I use an Erchonia Violet Red Laser (EVRL) model. I am the only UK Erchonia laser user in the South West and South Wales (as of December 2022).

My cold laser work has evolved since I first started, via a combination of attending Erchonia's webinars and live practical training events, and also via feedback from my existing client base. It is still evolving as I continue to study its diverse practical applications...

I now have three different types of cold laser care options available:
1) Cold laser care only (15 minutes)
2) NEW in 2023 Cold laser care + chiropractic follow up care
 (45 minutes)
3) NEW in 2023  Cold laser
care + chiropractic wellness care (30 minutes)
My full fee structure can be found here

I do not currently provide cold laser care as part of a new client chiropractic care treatment plan.

Cold laser therapy is non contact, so it is very suitable under circumstances when manual therapy is inappropriate, such such as following surgical procedures, fractures or scar tissue of any kind.

The light is best applied directly to the skin, but I can also work through light clothing.

I use it mostly for pain relief. I have observed that this combination encourages faster healing compared to using my manual therapies alone. This is obviously a more satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

I can also work with eczema, acne and toe nail fungus using the violet diode.

If you have a health care concern of your own, please enquire as
cold laser care may be suitable.

If you have any other questions please feel able to email me at:


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